Winamp 5.35

Winamp Version 5,53 brings new features to this popular music and video player
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Winamp is a very popular and powerful multimedia player, featuring multiple options besides being able to reproduce almost every known audio and video format. It also allows listenig to the radio through Internet. Its skinnable interface allows changing the software appearance as many times as wanted, using the built-in skins or downloading new ones from the net.

Winamp supports the following formats: AAC, it, mod, nst, stm, AIF, OGG, ult, amf, M2V, MP3, okt, VLB, APL, m3u, mp3, itz, MP1, NSV, stz, AIFF, KAR, MP2,pls, WAV, AU, mdz, MPEG, RMI, WMA, AVI, VOC, ASF, M4A, MP4, ptm, MID, MPG, s3m, WMV, CDA, MIDI, mtm, s3z, xm, far, MIZ, NSA, SND, xmz, 669.

Version 5,53 brings new features to this popular player, including a completely redesigned interface, including Album Art; multiple device support, including iPods; access and share music and videos; Dynamic Song Recommendations; play and playlist the best music on the Web with Media Monitor; smart search; automatic updates to file information; access to thousands of Internet radio stations and videos... and More!

Mariano Delgado
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  • Great new features
  • Amazing skins
  • Very easy and friendly use


  • Sometimes it may be a little slow to be run
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